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Facebook Clipart (#13092)

The Facebook social network is one of the largest and most popular in European countries. FB was founded in 2004 by student Mark Zuckerberg. Initially, in 2003, mark started working with undergraduates on a Dating Site, and later began his project, which was completed in four months.

The project was initially closed and was a social network for Harvard students. By the way, first, it is located on the domain TheFacebook.com. In the first month of Facebook's operation, 1,200 accounts were created, and after another month, half of Harvard's students were communicating on it. Within a year, the network gained popularity in many Boston universities, then in American institutions. By the end of 2005, the number of active users was more than six million.

It was in 2005 that the social network switched to the domain that we use today; Facebook.com in 2006, an adapted mobile version of the site appeared, and in September of the same year, the social network became open to any user on the Internet. To register, it was enough to have an active email address.

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Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1200-Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1200-0
Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1382-Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1382-1
Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1573-Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-1573-2
Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-200-Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-200-3
Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-500-Facebook Clipart-Clipartlook.com-500-4
0b7753270e697519ee9e295288925d4a_faceboo-0b7753270e697519ee9e295288925d4a_facebook-logo-png-transparent-facebook- clipart-transparent-background_1000-1000-5
Black And White Computer Icons Facebook -Black and white Computer Icons Facebook Clip art - facebook-6
Clip Art Facebook Add Emoji To Comments -Clip Art Facebook Add Emoji To Comments Using Emoticons How To Disable Them  Free Christian Clipart For Facebook-8
Clip Art Facebook Free Facebook Clipart -clip art facebook free facebook clipart pictures clipartlook clipart for  teachers-9
Computer Icons Facebook Logo Clip Art - -Computer Icons Facebook Logo Clip art - Black And White Icon-10
Facebook Black And White Clipart #1-Facebook Black And White Clipart #1-11
Facebook Clipart - 17 - E - Clipart Free-facebook clipart - 17 - e - Clipart Free Download Clip Art Free Clip Art-12
Facebook Like Button Clip Art - Facebook-Facebook like button Clip art - Facebook Like PNG Photo-13
Facebook Like PNG Pic-Facebook Like PNG Pic-14
Facebook Png Pic PNG Image-Facebook Png Pic PNG Image-15
File:54f5d2505831e6f994b666d0f872bf18 Ve-File:54f5d2505831e6f994b666d0f872bf18 vectorise-logo-facebook-like-facebook- clipart-like-16
Find Us On Facebook Clipart #1-Find Us On Facebook Clipart #1-17
Logo Facebook Vector Clipart Free To Use-Logo facebook vector clipart free to use clip art resource-19

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